Board Masterclass Series

About the program

Board Masterclass Series (BMS) is a initiative to contribute towards accelerating women participation in South African Boards to reach the 30% aspiration.

Business Engage has extensive experience in driving the gender mainstreaming agenda and the Board Masterclass Series (BMS) is an initiative to contribute towards accelerating women participation on South African Boards to reach the 30% aspiration, whilst at the same time acknowledging the next generation of male leaders and promoting Corporate Gender Intelligence.

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The next Board Masterclass Series commences in March 2024, subject to demand, and continues for a period of one year. Motivations need to be submitted by mid February for consideration.


Each Masterclass is approximately 3 hours long, generally from 16h00 to 19h00.  These are intermittently spaced during the course of the year.


A new BMS will commence every 3 months thereafter subject to demand. Full schedule of dates will be sent to approved candidates.

Motivation for inclusion

Individuals, or organisations on behalf of individuals, are invited to apply in writing for inclusion in the Board Masterclass Series stating why they believe that they are sufficiently experienced and capacitated to undergo this series and by extension, be suitable for board positions in the foreseeable future.

Important note: It is not business as usual out there today. Individuals should not be put off by the status quo. The board of tomorrow will in all probability be very different to the board of today. The cohorts should be prepared to be a fundamental part of that change.

Motivation criteria

The motivation should be in the form of a precis not exceeding 1,000 words.The precis may include;

  • Current position and experience
  • Any board positions currently obtained.
  • Personal attributes.
  • Any other relevant information.

Whilst there is no set criteria for inclusion onto the BMS, mainly to avoid stereotyping, the applicant is expected to apply their mind to commitment required for both the series and future possible board appointments and self-reflect on their aptness.

The motivation should include a sentence that the applicant understands the extent of the series and commits in good faith, bar reasonable unforeseen circumstances, to complete the series taking into account current and predictable work, family and other obligations.


An adjudication panel of six experienced and well respected individuals will assess the motivations for inclusion into the BMS generally based on the written submission. Follow up telephonic information may also be required.

The panel members are:

**Applicants will be notified once the panel has determined the suitability of the applicant for inclusion in the series.


The cost is R22,137.50 (VAT Incl) in total which may be paid upfront, intermittently or monthly.

  • The cost includes any material content provided and approved for distribution by the presenters.
  • The cost excludes attendance at any BoardWalk event and any ad hoc event for which a charge is levied.

Key objectives of the Board Masterclass Series​


Accelerate board readiness for those with potential to join senior leadership or board roles within a 1 to 3 year period.


Create a pool/ pipeline of leaders ready to take on senior leader / board roles as and when they become available


Provide critical experiences that allow potential board candidates to acquire capability prior to being appointed onto boards


Provide opportunities for participants to develop or consolidate leadership behaviours critical to be successful in senior leader/ board roles


Provide participants with exposure & understanding of topics to be familiar with when preparing for senior leader
/ board roles


Provide participants with networking opportunities and exposure to leaders already in board roles


To instil in participants the ethos to be leaders outside of their working environment for the benefit of society and the economy holistically


Provide opportunities for JSE- and non-JSE listed organisations, both for profit and non-profit to access quality leaders and decision makers

Additional information

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Key Masterclass components based on desired outcomes

What the Masterclass series will focus on


Masterclasses hosted by corporates and subject experts with the purpose of addressing critical board knowledge & skills

Bite size learning on relevant topics aligned to identified development gaps and skills critical to being an effective board member

Board Exposure

Experience to attend a board meeting, mentoring shadowing existing board members Board meeting simulations

Networking Real time learning experience from existing board members

**Business Engage / 30% Club reserves the right to change the topic / presenter / and or the  content of the topic as it deems fit to enhance the quality and  balance of the overall series.