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Robyn de Villiers

Chairman & CEO: Africa at BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe)

Robyn De Villiers

Executive Coach, Communicator, Educator, Collaborator, Facilitator


I assist executives and their teams to see the value in diverse cultures, through enabling them to understand and work with what makes us similar and what makes us different. Working across so many countries in Africa, and as part of a global network, I have always had an interest in and focus on cross-cultural communications and on leading effective cross-cultural teams. As an executive coach, I bring cultural awareness to the service of my clients, helping them to get the best results through effective managing of diversity. In January 2019, I completed the certificate course at INSEAD, in France, “Leading across Borders and Cultures – Breaking through the invisible boundaries of global business”. The course was led by Erin Meyer, who created The Culture Map. I have worked with the team at The Culture Map since mid-2018 and in addition to completing the certificate course, I have been trained by, and participated in a number of workshops with two of The Culture Map’s other accredited and experienced facilitators. I am a certified Culture Map consultant.

Business experience
My career has seen me move from filling senior positions in large corporations to starting and running my own business (30 years ago) – growing a network of partner offices in 53 countries across Africa – before selling a majority stake to the world’s largest communications group, WPP. At this point I again held a senior position in a large corporate, continuing to head up the African operation I founded, as part of the company’s Europe and Africa Leadership team. Today I run The Three Cs which is focused on executive coaching, building cultural competence and facilitating collaboration (resolving conflict).

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