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Eileen Wilton

Non Executive Director at Sasfin & the IoDSA

Eileen Wilton

I have Board experience as both a Non-Executive and Executive Director; I have served top South African International & national South African companies as CEO, COO and CIO. I’m known as a leader & one that takes courageous decisions, delivers, drives positive change & cares for my people, uplifts them & helps them to unleash their capability!

My purpose & mission is to:
– Equip & develop leaders who will succeed in this highly competitive economy that desperately needs growth.
– Contribute as Executive Coach; Mentor; Consultant; Strategy & Team Facilitator; Lecturer & course Presenter.

I believe that my unique combination of experience & passion (for leadership, digital transformation & entrepreneurship) contributes to my being able to enable others to develop & fulfill their potential & purpose for their lives.

I have specific competencies in:-
– strategy development & execution (team buy-in & enablement);
– Digital strategies;
– Digital marketing;
– Innovation – implementation as a key strategy & core competency;
– Leadership development.

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