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Gender Mainstreaming Awards

Get rewarded for your gender diversity initiatives. Enter the Gender Mainstreaming Awards.

30% Club Southern Africa

The 30% Club aims to develop a diverse pool of talent for all businesses through the efforts of its Chair and CEO members.
Celebrating Women


Colleen Larsen, CE of Business Engage, talks to THANDO PATO
about why they are taking the Gender Mainstreaming Awards across Africa, and the challenges around gender parity on the continent.

“We believe that the best way to influence change is to strengthen and grow the current conversations; then couple that with deliberate actions.”

About Business Engage

Business Engage is an exciting and inventive organisation at the forefront of strategic thinking on gender mainstreaming in the private sector.

Board Masterclass Series

The Board Masterclass Series is a mixture of “technicalities” of being on a board (governance, understanding of roles, knowledge of the companies Act etc.)Mainly aimed at women although men are invited and encouraged to apply the Series integrates the experience and knowledge of 30% Club members and is supplemented by presenters who are experts in their chosen field.

Gender Mainstreaming Awards

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards, have been developed by Business Engage to encourage private sector and government to achieve more diversity in their organisations and to recognise best practice in gender mainstreaming.

The BoardWalk and LeadersWalk

The Boardwalk is an initiative that has been created to nurture the development of aspiring directors who are currently in senior management positions and help them to unlock their future potential in a very practical manner. The LeadersWalk follows the same concept but is designed for increasing the leadership skills of senior and middle management.

LeanIn Circles

LeanIn Circles are small groups from across different industries who meet regularly to learn and grow together with the aim to develop confident leaders, inspired to grow and make a tangible impact on the business community.


The Connected Workplace

The Connected Workplace” is a cross-corporate workshop held quarterly to allow corporates to share best practice with other corporates

State of Gender on JSE Listed Boards

An annual study of the opportunities for gender balancing the boards of companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Join Preesha Persad, an empowerment specialist and coach, who is passionate about enabling women to unlock the magic that lies within. This immersive program empowers the 21st century modern women to ignite her full potential in all areas of life and create a lasting legacy.

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Our leadership

Colleen Larsen

Colleen Larsen

Colleen is one of the leading voices for the sustainable advancement of women in the corporate and entrepreneurial space in South Africa today.
Malcolm Larsen

Malcom Larsen

Malcolm is the Company secretary of Business Engage and enjoys doing workshops on Corporate Governance, tenders and contracts.
Shirley Zinn

Professor Shirley Zinn

Shirley is a mentor to several women across multiple industries, is a presenter at numerous local and international conferences as a keynote speaker.
Mamokete Ramathe

Mamokete Ramathe

Mamokete is a founder and CEO of Mamor Capital; an investment company with strong interest in investing in Telecoms, Energy and Industrial sectors.

Best Practices in Gender Mainstreaming

Download our suggested best practices guide for Gender Mainstreaming in the South African private sector.

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