Rashnee Pawaar

Rashnee Pawaar

Personal info

I am married (for 16 years) and have two beautiful daughters, Hema: 15 years and Kira: 7 years.  I am from Northern Natal although a large part of my life was spent in Durban (from secondary education). I lived and worked in Gauteng for many years before I moved back to Durban in 2008 with my family.

I have always been a strong advocate of equal opportunities for all. I have been instrumental in the development of children (running life skills programmes) and women in society, with particular focus on coaching and mentoring women in the community and in leadership roles.

Interests: I love; reading, (enjoying a range of genre’s), traveling and experiencing different cultures and societies, and connecting and sharing with people.  About 2 years ago I was awarded my blue belt in mixed martial arts.

Current position

I am the Operations Director at SA home loans.  I have been in this position since 2016. This is a hybrid portfolio comprising of different portfolios, namely:

  1. Facilities and building management
  2. New business applications processing
  3. Property valuations
  4. Bond registrations
  5. Bond cancellations and bond variations
  6. Security document management

Previous executive position held

HR Director at SA home loans for 8 years.


I have an honours degree in Social Science from UKZN (Howard College) obtained in 1993.

I also hold a Management Advanced Program Qualification (NQF 7) from Wits Business School obtained in 2007.

Previous work experience

I have 27 years of work experience in different industries (with approximately 18 years in HR management positions). Some of these industries /companies I previously worked at:

  1. Child welfare (family counselling, child abuse, substance abuse and community / grass roots development)
  2. Retail (FMCG) – Woolworths (HR management/ retail management)
  3. Finance industry: Saambou bank and Nedbank (Training and HR management)
  4. Pharmaceutical industry: AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Training and HR management)
  5. Movie-making Industry: Sasani Ltd ( Group HR and training manager)

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