Prof Shirley Zinn

Board Member on Various Boards

Shirley Zinn

Board Member on Various Boards

Professor Shirley Zinn Author of Swimming Upstream: A story of grit and determination to succeed has just been launched (November 2015).

“One of the most impressive biographies in recent years is about to be published under the catchy title Swimming Upstream, a riveting account of how a young black woman, called Shirley Zinn, rises from the stifling conditions of the Cape Flats under apartheid to take a doctorate from Harvard and eventually become one of the leading human resources professionals in the country today.” Prof Jonathan Jansen – Rector and Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State.

“Professor Shirley Zinn’s life and career story is one of triumph over adversity and loss. It will pull every string in your heart and inspire at the same time. Swimming Up Stream is a page turner that offers hope for every South African while providing powerful lessons on being an authentic leader in today’s complex world.” Professor Stella M Nkomo, University of Pretoria