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Jonti Mayer

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Jonti Mayer

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I have been in corporate consulting and coaching in South Africa since the year 2000. I consult to corporate and business leaders & managers who want to take themselves, their teams and their organisations to the next level. I bring a wide variety of experience and insight to the everyday challenges that corporate leaders face on their quest for significance and accomplishment. My unique methodology combines ancient wisdom from the east & west with modern day cutting edge peak performance activation methodologies. When you consult with me you get a leadership consultant, executive coach, business performance coach and personal coach all in one!

I specialize in developing the four pillars of every organisation: Strategy, Leadership, Culture & Performance. I energise people through powerful coaching methodologies to enable them to go beyond what they think is possible. I work with individuals and teams to unlock their potential, facilitate team alignment and accelerate business output. I support individuals and teams to break through invisible barriers and make the impossible happen in their life, leadership and work.

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There are two ways to live your life, lead and build your organisation. One is through chasing butterflies. (reacting, trying, hoping and stressing.) The other way is to build a garden that attracts butterflies. Are you working on your net or on your garden? You’re either building attraction or stressing. Contact me to start building attraction.

Specialties: I specialize in developing and delivering custom made programmes to shift individuals, teams, cultures and organisations. Including executive development programmes. Big and small. Authentic Strategy Facilitation. Leadership Transformation. Cultural integration. Team performance coaching. Hard core business coaching.

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