Topic : High-performance team: characteristics of teams that excel


Guest speaker

Clinton Middleton

Founder @ GrowThrough Coaching | Empowering Creative Businesses
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The BoardWalk is an initiative that has been created to nurture the development aspiring directors who are currently in senior management positions and help them to unlock their future potential.

Presentation outline

I strike a harmonious chord in this dynamic presentation between real-world applications and theoretical insights. Drawing from my extensive experiences, I delve into the distinctive features that set high-performing teams apart. With a wealth of knowledge cultivated from my tenure at the helm of the two largest advertising agency groups, coupled with collaborations with local enterprises and Fortune 500 giants, I comprehensively explore what propels teams to excellence.

Event details


8 February 2024, 08h00-10h00


Free – Preference will be given to paid-up members.

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