26 May 2022 – Leaders Walk

The Virtual Leaders’ Walk has been created to nurture the development of aspiring leaders and to help them unlock their future potential. This is done during an interactive networking event that will encourage meaningful engagement and dialogue.

26 May 2022, 09h00-11h00 CAT

MS Teams Virtual event

Guest Speaker

Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Everything is Innovation (for Leaders)

Everyone talks about innovation being important, but most organisations are “failing” at it. Part of the reason for this is that we do not understand that almost everything is, and requires, innovation. Your company is actually innovating successfully all the time, every day. And you are too, as a leader. You just don’t realise it.

Every team strives to improve how it functions. Every sales department aims to increase its closing rates. Every employee wants to reach bigger KPIs and feel valued. All of those require innovation – the ongoing effort to do something in a new and better way. In this talk, we’ll look at what innovation REALLY is, how to cultivate a culture of innovation within yourself, your people, and your organisation – and how to radically drive up your innovation success rates by understanding just a few basic principles. Beginning with the principle that as a human being, you already know very well how to successfully innovate.

You just need a little clarity. This talk will offer some

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