21 April 2022 – Board Walk

The Virtual BoardWalk is a initiative that has been created to nurture the development aspiring directors who are currently in senior management positions and help them to unlock their future potential. It aims to expose these individuals to existing directors (both executive and non-executive) and partners during an interactive networking session that will encourage meaningful engagement and dialogue.

21 April 2022, 09h00-11h00 CAT

MS Teams Virtual event


Guest Speaker

Pepe Marais

Pepe Marais - view profile

Topic: Purpose of Purpose

Over the course of the past decade, purpose has become one of the most talked about subjects, not only in terms of personal life, but also within business.
In my talk, I plan to simplify this very complex subject based on my personal life experience, and through a model I have developed over the past 15 years of dealing
with this incredibly powerful approach to life.
COVID-19 has brought with all of its anxiety, a dire need for our human species to find a new way in which to approach life – be it our personal or our business lives.
I will do my utmost to share insights on both of these spheres of our existence, which are so difficult to split. Let’s face it, there is no longer a work life and a personal life.

There is just life.

So, what is the unifying rudder that merges both? That creates harmony across the line. That removes the divide and helps us to become more whole.
But ultimately, what is the purpose of purpose?


To be confirmed closer to the event. 

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