20 June 2024 – Leaders Walk


Leaders Walk

Topic: Redefining Leadership: The Rise of Female Leaders in a Transformative Era.

About the event

The Leaders’ Walk has been created to nurture the development of aspiring leaders and to help them unlock their future potential. This is done during an interactive networking breakfast that will encourage meaningful engagement and dialogue.

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About the session

“Redefining Leadership: The Rise of Female Leaders in a Transformative Era” will explore the journey and impact of female leaders from past to present, examining unique leadership styles, overcoming challenges, and the critical role of mentorship and diversity. Fathima Beckmann will bring her unique perspective on regenerative leadership, emphasizing how nurturing environments, holistic thinking, and sustainable practices can revolutionize female leadership. She will inspire attendees with actionable insights on fostering inclusive cultures, elevating gender equity through active allyship to support future female leaders and encourage organizations to create long term meaningful change through diverse and regenerative leadership practices.
These are some of the themes the session will include:
  1. Historical Perspective

  2. Current Landscape

  3. Challenges and Barriers

  4. Leadership Styles

  5. Advancing Gender Equity, The Role of Mentorship, Allyship and Sponsorship

  6. The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion

  7. Future Outlook

  8. Call to Action

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